Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Passport to Dreams: Old, or New?

What you hear:

"Citizens of Tomorrowland! Join Buzz Lightyear on a daring space mission to save the universe from the evil Emperor Zurg!"

What you see:


Anonymous said...

Cool photo!

Ruprect the Monkey Boy said...

This made me laugh because I notice this every time I've ridden TTA since Buzz Lightyear was put in.

I assume there is something in the track that triggers the audio in the car to kick on. I always wonder why they were too lazy to change the place where the audio cue is.

Anonymous said...

I always thought they should have put part of the sets from Horizons in those tunnels.

Didn't that attraction have a much better version of the "robot hairstylist" gag?

The "neon city" scene would have worked well on the WEDWay People Mover as well.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one.

What you hear..
"From our monorail you can see Tomorrowland, a world on the move."

What you see..
Barren Peoplemover track, no Rocket Jets, and an empty Skyway station.

Chris Anthony said...

I feel like it must be strange that I actively prefer the retro-future/Raygun Gothic to the "modern future" Buzz Lightyear aesthetic.

John Clayton said...

I actually just rode this-- and well, when compared to the rest of tomorrowland the attraction feels dated in more than one aspect. The sound can be fuzzy or difficult to hear and many of the show scenes are relics of the past.

It's interesting. Walt based Tomorrowland off of the ideas of modernism and prosperity: he INVENTED new systems of transportation and gave people unique opportunities to witness technology that could be seen virtually no where else.

The Disney Company has forgotten this and views tomorrowland as an opportunity to sell and promote products. When was the last time that the Carousel of Progress was updated? Is TTA still the transportation system of the future? Is Disneyland's Innoventions really showcasing anything new?

However while I generally regret losing the overall theme of tomorrowland, I understand the additions of Stitch or Buzz to give children the opportunity to connect. Walt himself said to entertain first and educate second. However that is no excuse for current condition of WDW's or DLR's tomorrowland.

Anonymous said...

And, of course, what of the People Mover track in Disneyland, CA?

Is that to be some sort of contemporary art piece that cast members hang their wet laundry from at night? How many years has it been abandoned?

"When was the last time that the Carousel of Progress was updated?

- I live in California. The last time I was out there was for Y2K. Heaven's, has it really been that long?

Is TTA still the transportation system of the future?

- Well, I would hope so. Los Angeles, anyway, desperately needs a Monorail, or a People Mover.

Is Disneyland's Innoventions really showcasing anything new?

- Yyyyeeeaaahhh..... And why, exactly did Microsoft (who follows Apple) take over Innoventions in Disneyland, CA? Oh, I forgot.... Disney is all about the "highest bidder" today.

And, does Innoventions in W.D.W. still look like the '80s threw up all over it?"

Digital Jedi said...

Maybe Zurg is the name of a hair dresser. You know, like Zohan?

TikiAnimator said...

Disney needs to partner with companies like Apple & Cicso to finance much of a tomorrowland redo. Have Apple sponsor the Carousel of Progress in WDW with Apple products at the end. What is there is so 1990 - the year not the decade. Also, why has Disney forsaken E.P.C.O.T the city? Why not build old EPCOT designs into Tomorrowland and have an exhibit in Future World of EPCOT the park?

The people mover and the TTA need a major overhaul. Don't ignore it. Showcase it. There are a lot of pushes in modern cities for light rails. The People mover is a great example of how to do light rails and even one day replace Subways. Imagine a world where you never have to wait for the subway. Too much of life is wasted in waiting.

Anonymous said...

Apple has award winning taste in design and would probably not want their minimalist products to be identified with Tomorrowland. The existing area is kitsch compared to a sleek iPhone. Microsoft has no taste and does not know the difference.

It's funny how the 1967 Eero Saarinen version was sleek, clean and not overly ornamented. Any color or ornament like the entry fountains, murals, etc. was treated as art like in a gallery and not spread all over like margerine. What we have now is a frankenstein of mindless detail coated in metallic paints. I'm pleased that the future they showed never happened! In a way, Apple would fit better in the old 1967 version with its spare use of white, silver, and basic black. It was restrained and even elegant, very sincere and showed good taste.

NOW.. if they let Steve Jobs and Johathan Ive art direct the whole land, that would be different.

Anonymous said...

I'm the Anonymous that started with -

"And, of course, what of the People Mover track in Disneyland, CA?"

I just HAD to open up the Apple can of worms. Heck, Steve Jobs (I believe) is still on the board with Disney, or, at the very least, plays a huge political role... No?


So, why, exactly was tasteless Micro$oft chosen. Boggles the mind, really...

And, yes, if only Mr. Ive would have a heavy hand in unifying a Tomorrowland redesign...

With regard to E.P.C.O.T. - my sentiments exactly.

Folks, get the Tomorrowland DVD, and watch that glorious film about the original city. Personally, my favorite part is the transportation hub (or what later became the Transportation and Ticket Center at the property of today).

MAN, does every major city around the world desperately need something like that!

E.P.C.O.T. truly is Humanity 2.0.

Today, of course, it would have to be world enterprise participating, instead of the announced American enterprise.

One of my favorite shots in that film is how they matted over a monorail running through, right over the 110 right in the middle of Downtown L.A.! Walt was CERTAINLY on top of things!

And, well, what was going to be WestCOT is now (ugh!) D.C.A. Amazing financial move there, Disney!

Disney has so many guests where EPCOT is their all time favorite theme park. Just browse around myspace! With that, guests would have had a place to start from. A better familiarity, if you will.

Now, they are trying to bastardize a failed financial idea by, once again, hiding behind Walt Disney, and re-jerry-rigging the place.

All of this devil's advocate aside, I truly can't wait for the Wonderful World of Color. I loved Cars, and I loved Test Track, so that land will certainly be very, very cool. All in all, what they are doing over there is great work.


Sincerely.... What would it take to create E.P.C.O.T. today, if not for the Walt Disney Company at the helm?

Even if we did Find Nemo, oh yeah - Dory would be such a great help....


Anonymous said...

Celebration IS EPCOT only designed by June Cleaver and engineered by Stepford industries.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone even seen anyone riding the People Mover in WDW??? Last few times I was there I believe all I've seen is empty cars moving forward on a track..I don't even think that Disney lists the entrances anymore for the People Mover.

They need to do an update and show it off, and please do it right, as far as Apple and Steve Jobs getting into Innoventions in DL...I completely agree Apple is all about being sleek and hip which won't fit with the current image of gaudy and tacky (which microsoft tends to do best)

Anonymous said...

To me the worst is Autopia. Noisy, smelly, gas-powered go carts on tracks and the lines are always huge. Why not design some electric cars that are clean and silent and showcase new technology? Dump Chevron as a sponsor. Lose the tracks and develop some kind of magnetic or radar technology that prevents the cars from colliding but gives kids a greater sense of freedom and control over their driving. Expand the road system with big overpasses and interchanges and allow options at some points where you can choose which route to take and see different things. In it's current state the Autopia is really depressing and regressive.

Ceronomus said...

E.P.C.O.T. the city will never be built by Disney, for the very reasons that Disney ceded the land on which Celebration sits. Disney would never be able to keep complete control of the project once people starting buying property and moving in and then it would all go to hell.

Great concept, but putting people in it would ruin it.

Anonymous said...

"Why not design some electric cars that are clean and silent and showcase new technology? "

Good and obvious solution. This has been proposed by WDI and frankly the OPs folks liked the idea as fueling cars is a pain. Anti collision systems were on the list too, but somehow it robs the kids of true muscle car feel not to mention bumper car crashes. It would be golf carts. TDL was going to do this electrically long ago but walked away from it. WDC went after power companies for a while to get Edison or someone to sponsor it. No can do.

What safer prediction of the future can there be than saying "there will always be traffic"?

Anonymous said...

"Great concept, but putting people in it would ruin it."

It never hurt Disneyland. I say build the Progress City EPCOT as a timeshare like the vacation club. to me THAt is an idea in that living in the future (as long as its amazing) for a week a year wont break the spell. It's more of an escape and meets expectations. That in any economy would sell. DVC means disney vision club!

Tom said...

"Great concept, but putting people in it would ruin it."

It wouldn't ruin it if Disney ran it like/with a Homeowner's Association. There are strict rules and guidelines to living in communities with homeowner associations. If Disney ran the helm, and if a resident was non-compliant to the rules of living, they could be fined/sued, and if still no changes, be kicked off the property.

The new Corporate Disney has no long term vision unfortunately, and all the stockholders want their profits, yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Disney humor.

Knock knock?
Who's there?
Layoff who?
LAYOFF JUST ABOUT EVERYONE till there's no show.

daguru said...

I saw the same thing every time we pass by it!

Schneidertime said...

seems like the largest Disney shareholder (Steve Jobs) might want to take a keener interest in the parks. What a perfect place to showcase Apple's "stuff"!!

Anonymous said...

New iPod commercial...

Traveling to Walt Disney World and need to know how long the line is at Space Mountain - there's an app for that...Looking for a restaurant reservation at you favorite theme park restaurant - there's an app for that...Need to check your baby's diaper and change it? - there's an app for that...

David H

Varsenik said...

Ever since seeing "Meet the Robinsons", I've thought that Tomorrowland should get a redesign based on their downtown. It's obvious that the animators of that film took a few clues from early Disney, not just the "Todayland" joke.

I certainly never understood how all the aliens got into Tomorrowland and replaced the technology focus.

Anonymous said...

Marty announced he would be retiring on the anniversary of Disneyland this year.

I Worked for the Mouse said...

I'm just grateful that they haven't found a way to work Stitch into TTA yet.

Just give them time.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Tomorrowland should somehow incorporate a "Meet the Robinsons" theme to put the focus more on progress.

Keep moving forward...

Hale said...

That's pretty embarassing. The TTA seems like a great ride and it could be even more fantastic. The Imagineers are trying to tell a story in Tomorrowland, more than any other land. The TTA is an essential part of that story. And while there is room for Buzz Lightyear and even Monsters, they need to maintain the original focus.